Knife Sharpening Service

Please note: for Australian only.

We are proud to be able to provide you with the relevant after purchase care to ensure you can continue to enjoy your cutting experience with Wüsthof.
Our Knife Sharpening Service is available throughout Australia.

First time sharpening your Wüsthof knife? We are pleased to offer the first sharpening of each Wüsthof knife you purchase for free, the cost which is payable will be postage.

Have you sharpened your Wüsthof knife with us before? There is a small fee of $10 per knife plus postage for the sharpening service.
You will be required to arrange your own postage to Fackelmann Housewares, where we will inspect your knife & work with our qualified knife sharpener to sharpen your knife.
For purposes of returning your sharpened knives, your nominated credit card will be debited the cost of postage and packaging to your nominated address. Please note the amount that will be charged to your card will be $13.50 inclusive of packaging, postage and tracking. Without your correct payment details, we will not be able to return your knives promptly. Please note that these fees are subject to change without notice.


To utilise this service, please use the form on this page and follow the instructions within the form.

Knife Sharpening Shipping Information:

To take advantage of the sharpening service, your Wüsthof knives must be delivered via post to either of the following addresses.

Fackelmann Housewares (Wüsthof Australia)
Attn: Knife Sharpening Service
Locked Bag 5018,
Kingsgrove, NSW, 1480
or Fackelmann Housewares (Wüsthof Australia)
Attn: Knife Sharpening Service
105 Vanessa Street,
Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208

Shipping instructions:

Please note the following shipping instructions to limit any damage, to ensure the safety of the package handlers and to expedite the sharpening process.

  • Please ensure you clean your knives before you send them;
  • Label each knife with a sticker on the handle with your full name;
  • Either enclose the package with a covering letter, or alternatively download the shipping form and send it along with the knives to be sharpened. This must state your full name, address, phone number and the number of knives to be sharpened;
  • Encase the blades or any other sharp edged/pointed component in a closed fitting/ protective covering, such as cardboard or a very thick wad of tightly rolled newspaper, strong enough to ensure the contents do not pierce the outer packaging;
  • Please ensure that there is plenty of extra padding around the knife tip and secure with heavy duty packaging tape;
  • Wrap the knife bundle in extra cushioning like bubble wrap for extra protection and to limit movement inside the suitable container;
  • Enclose the covering letter or shipping form with your knives;
  • Secure the package carefully taping all the edges and seams.


Fackelmann Housewares are not responsible for any loss or damage in the transit process to our facility. We recommend that you insure your product. However, this is at your discretion and cost. The approximate turn around for items outside of the Sydney metro area is 2 weeks.


For each single knife purchased, you will be entitled to one free sharpening service per knife. For each knife block purchased, you will be entitled to each knife from your block to be sharpened once for free. An ongoing knife sharpening service will be available utilising one of Sydney’s top knife sharpeners. This will incur a small fee of $10 per knife plus return postage. Postage fees to and from Fackelmann Housewares will be at your expense for all options.

*Refer to Wüsthof ’s privacy policy
^Fees are subject to change without notice.