It takes over 40 steps to make a perfectly forged WÜSTHOF knife out of a high-quality but plain piece of steel.

From the steel plate to the packaging of the finished knife, around 300 employees are involved in making sure that you always get the same high level of quality.

Ultra-modern technology comes together with human expertise to form a successful combination.

In our development department, the focus is on developing new production processes as well as new materials. For example, several years of research and development work at WÜSTHOF has resulted in an innovative forging process, giving our company a huge competitive edge in terms of technology. A special process has also been developed to sharpen our knives accurately using precision measurements and perfect sharpening technology. This is known as PEtec.

Our knife manufacturing experts enjoy innovating and benefit above all from the company's 200 years of experience in producing high-quality knives and cutlery.

We also set ourselves extremely high quality standards. To achieve these standards, we develop custom-made equipment and support highly-qualified staff. Our employees work closely with our system suppliers to develop new machinery and intelligent production systems.

This means that we can produce approximately 1.7 million forged knives per year, with a high level of automation and the utmost perfection.

In spite of our advanced technology, manual work is still very important for certain work processes. Achieving the right mix is vital for achieving outstanding quality.

At the same time, a high-quality manufacturing process is used to produce custom-made knives for special requirements.