Environmental awareness and sustainability

We have a long tradition of environmental awareness at WÜSTHOF. The interplay between economy and ecology guarantees the success and therefore also the future of our business. These days, this is first and foremost about having a sustainable way of working and thinking. A central environmental management department manages all the environmentally relevant processes within the company.

Protecting the environment is very important for our customers. They place a high value on sustainable products. For them, it is important to know that sustainability is taken into account in the development of new products.

The WÜSTHOF production facilities in Solingen are amongst the most modern in the world and can therefore guarantee environmentally-friendly production processes.

Our production methods and optimised production processes:

  • Increase the efficiency of energy and raw materials
  • Preserve resources
  • Reduce wastewater contamination
  • Reduce emissions of CO² and other gases

The vast quantities of air and water used in production leave the plant completely uncontaminated thanks to an extensive filter system. Our commitment to sustainability is constantly being developed still further. For example, we are currently concentrating on recovering heat from the production process and reducing noise emissions.

At WÜSTHOF, top priority is given to our responsibility towards sustainability and protecting the environment. Managers exert their own influence on environmentally relevant processes, raise awareness of these issues amongst their staff and at the same time encourage employees to develop their own ideas and open up as yet unused potential that makes sense both economically and ecologically.