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Knife block - 7258

Knife block - 7258


  • Rectangular concrete casing with wooden insert made from thermo beech.
  • Sealed concrete surface.
  • Tiny air pockets in the surface are entirely intentional and prove that this is a natural cast product made from limestone, clay and sand.
  • Storage of up to six knives (maximum blade length 23.0 cm) and one honing steel.
  • The 12mm walls are thin for concrete and, weighing in at 3,280g, the block is not such a heavyweight as it might seem, which means it can be positioned without hesitation on your work surface.
  • The felt pad on the base of the block protects against scratches.
  • The WÜSTHOF logo is discreetly engraved on one of the sides.
  • Wide x length 12,5 cm, height 24,5 cm
  • Weight 3280 gr.
  • Empty.
  • Design by neonbraun | henning gaulke.