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Concrete knife block

puristic and modern!

The cutlery specialist WÜSTHOF has developed an exceptional knife block made from a combination of natural concrete and thermo beech. With clear lines and a distinctive design, these blocks are the epitome of good looks and exclusive home décor. Warm wood tones contrast harmoniously with the cool grey of the concrete, accentuating the plain, geometric shape.

The block consists of a rectangular concrete shell with a dark brown wooden insert in the top. The fine structure of the sealed concrete surface highlights the look of the material and gives the block a sensuous and warm feel. Tiny air pockets in the surface are entirely intentional and make it clear that this is a natural cast product made from limestone, clay and sand. The WÜSTHOF logo is discreetly engraved on one of the sides and stands for unrivalled quality. Slots of various sizes in the square thermo beech insert enable up to six knives (maximum blade width 23.0 cm) and one honing steel to be stored in the block. The wooden insert can easily be removed when necessary for cleaning. In this respect, it is good to know that the thermo beech is robust and water-repellent. Thermal processing gives the wood its dark brown tones. The 12mm thick walls are thin for concrete and, weighing in at 3,280g, the block is not such a heavyweight as it might seem which means it can be positioned without hesitation on your work surface. The felt pad on the base of the block protects against scratches.

The concrete knife block is available from February 2014 from specialist stores.

Concrete knife block, dimensions: Width x length 12.5 cm, height 24.5 cm, weight 3280g – item no. 7258