New product items 2016

Poultry shears – the perfect helper for carving

Poultry shears – the perfect helper for carving - Specialist for chicken and other poultry
Poultry shears – the perfect helper for carving - Specialist for chicken and other poultry

White or dark meat – that's the inevitable question to guests at the latest after the poultry has been carved.
To ensure perfect results, WÜSTHOF premiers new poultry shears – excellent for carving up chicken, turkey, duck or goose.

Additional details: Poultry shears - 5509

The new Kitchen Surfer is here – the ideal knife for kitchen and table

The new Kitchen Surfer is here – the ideal knife for kitchen and table
The new Kitchen Surfer is here – the ideal knife for kitchen and table

Switch off, relax, do yourself some good. Alone, as a couple or with friends – cooking is good for the soul. And if you have the right tools, it is even more fun.
With its special blade shape, the new Kitchen Surfer from WÜSTHOF is the perfect all-rounder for all cutting tasks in the kitchen or at the table.
Additional details - 4580 / 12 cm

The modern cutting boards for sharp knives

Every kitchen needs a reasonable cutting board. The knife specialist WÜSTHOF offers new elegantly-designed and functional cutting board made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), bringing fresh colour to your kitchen. The high level of flexibility offered by this special material acts like a buffer, protecting delicate knife blades. The knives therefore stay sharp for longer.
Additional details: Cutting board 7297g , 7298r .

A stylish hot spot for sharp blades

Its looks alone ensure the new CLASSIC IKON knife block from WÜSTHOF is something to rave about. The block has a warm, dark wood finish and is the perfect place to store the quality double bolster knives with their elegant, cream-coloured handles. In this successful balance of materials, form and function come together in perfect unity. Made from solid thermo beech, this stylish knife block is a safe place to store six knives as well as a honing steel and kitchen scissors.
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An effective solution for unpleasant odours on the hands:
Elegant stainless steel soap comes to the rescue

People who enjoy fresh food also tend to love cooking. Yet once you have finished chopping garlic or onion, you start to ask yourself how you are going to get rid of that unpleasant odour on your hands. It's the same problem after preparing fresh fish. Even washing your hands carefully using plenty of soap and water doesn't solve the problem.
Help is at hand with the new, handily shaped stainless steel soap from WÜSTHOF. Unlike standard detergents, the smell is not overlaid with another scent but neutralised thanks to the interaction of the stainless steel soap with water and the air. The stainless steel soap acts as a catalyst, which converts the odour molecules into neutral oxygen compounds. Even stubborn odours such as diesel will disappear.
Once they have been washed with the stainless steel soap for about 30 seconds under running water, your hands will be fresh and free from odours again. The soap does not wear away and works without the use of any chemical additives.
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Practical drawer insert made from easy-care plastic:
The clever solution for knife storage

Sharp knives are absolute must-haves for every home cook and professional chef. For the perfect storage of your most important kitchen implements, the knife specialist WÜSTHOF offers a stylish and functional drawer insert made from easy-care plastic. This will keep your drawers tidy and provide the best possible protection for delicate blades against damage such as scratches. Made to fit all standard drawers and pull-outs, 7 knives with a blade length of up to 23cm can be stored safely and cleanly.
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Kitchen set

Paring knife - perfectly suited to all small chopping tasks in the kitchen.
Kitchen shears - essential equipment for a variety of kitchen tasks.
Additional details: 9354s (black), 9354r (red).