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The cook's knife

The cook's knife is your most essential kitchen companion when cooking and preparing food.
With its traditional blade shape, it is the most frequently used type of knife in the kitchen.
It's a real all-rounder, which can be used for dicing, chopping, cutting, shaping and picking up foods.

Which parts of the blade are most suited to which task?

1. The mid section with its gently curved blade

  • Cuts through firm and soft food
  • Dicing and chopping - for example leeks, chives and parsley.
  • Note: Do not chop through any thick bones! The blade is too delicate for this. For chopping bones, use the special knife for the purpose – the cleaver.

2. The front section with its stable tip

  • Suitable for finely chopping vegetables such as onions, mushrooms or garlic.

3. The sturdy spine of the blade

  • Chops small bones. For larger bones, use the special knife for the purpose - the cleaver.
  • For cracking open shellfish.

4. The heel of the blade

  • This is where you can put the most power into the blade.
  • Chops food that is hard to cut through.

5. The wide surface of the blade

  • To shape and flatten meat and other foods.
  • To pick up and transport what you have cut.